Clean Ocean Coatings.
Our team at Clean Ocean Coatings revolutionizes the commercial shipping industry - with its brand new and innovative coating solution. The environmentally friendly coating not just eliminates microplastics but also offers huge saving potentials for owners and shipping companies.
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Innovation meets experience
"For seven years we have been actively accompanying the field trial of "Clean Ocean Coatings" and have been positively surprised by their innovative anti-fouling, which – completely free of biocides – presents an impeccable and, above all, fouling-free hull."
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A clean solution

Unique technology.

Ecoating is a combination of nano-particles and a polymer matrix – Polyramik ® – which has been developed at Phi-Stone AG.

The combination of advantages from ceramics and polymers enables us to create a uniquely smooth surface that is easy to clean and more durable than conventional products. For more than 8 years the product has been tested successfully.  

It’s 3x higher durability, half the number of coating layers and the reduced fuel consumption helps the environment and shipping companies and ship owners. 

Work together
Dedicated Duo

The founders.

Together we can achieve a lot. More than 90.000 cargo ships are crossing our oceans globally. The environmental damages created by fuel consumption and heavy oil are well-known. The hazardous coating of ships remains hidden under the (water) surface. There is a misconception that there is no alternative to self-eroding coating solutions. 

We prove the opposite - and we partner with companies that offer intelligent and automated cleaning solutions. We want to create a closed cycle including the ship’s protection, automated cleaning and the recycling of biomass after the cleaning process.  

With our coating innovations we will contribute to a sustainable solution for all.

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